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App Building Software’s helps you to easily make your first app for free. You must have noticed the recent trend of using different kinds of apps. This increasing trend has compelled the developers to create as many apps as they can. However, the major thing that has become the concern for every app developer is that app development is not an inexpensive activity. It has been observed that the creation of a simplest app requires almost $10000 whereas a complete functional app will require thousands of dollars. To eliminate this cost factor, various App Building Softwares have been introduced to facilitate the developers. If you are also looking for such softwares for free app creation then the details are as follows:

App Building Softwares List:

Below is the list of most popular app building softwares that helps you to easily develop mobile apps.


AppMakr is free software with the help of which you can create iOS as well as Android app. The best part about creating apps using this tool is that you will not require any coding for their development. This amazing tool offers distinct features for the app creation. Some of them are as follows:

  • Push notifications
  • Live updates
  • Photo galleries
  • HTML 5 functionality
  • Design customization

app building softwares

Apart from these, branding, navigation controlling, and tab viewing are some of other worth-mentioning features. Keep in mind that if you want to enjoy premium version of this software then you will have to buy it for just $79 per month.


This amazing app creation software is suitable for iOS, Android, Windows 7. The best thing about this tool, which makes it different from other app creation softwares is the wizard that helps the users to create app and also notifies them before publishing if any component of the app is missing. It also offers different categories to make selection and facilitates with distinct features including:

  • Photo/video galleries
  • Events notifier
  • Social media links
  • Form builder



AppMachine is another app creation tool with which you can create different kinds of quality apps for free. However, here you need to understand that with this tool, you can create apps for free but to publish them, you will need to invest some money. Keep in mind that the publishing of created apps via AppMachine will take start from $499 but the final price of the app will be dependent on the features you use for the creation of your app.

app building tools

How To Make an App using App Machine:

Google App Inventor

Now creation of an app is also possible with just dragging and dropping of objects if you have Google App Inventor. It is an amazing app making tool with the help of which you can drag and drop options including text boxes, buttons, etc. on the background using MIT’s Open Blocks Tool. It is another free tool available for countless free appf creation without getting into hassle of coding. This amazing tool also offers various features including:

  • Twitter integration
  • GPS positioning
  • Barcode scanning
  • Camera functionality

Ap building software’s:

These are few of the amazing and cost effective app building software’s, which provide an opportunity to the individuals as well as business entities to create as many apps as they want for free to gain a competitive edge without investing any money.

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